Football 2021-22
Event Time Location Result
away-team-logo St. Francis Indian vs. away-team-logo Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 1:00 PM St. Francis Indian School, St. Francis SD away-team-logo 20-12
away-team-logo Lower Brule vs. away-team-logo Takini 2:00 PM Lower Brule High School away-team-logo 65-8 Homecoming
away-team-logo Oelrichs vs. away-team-logo Marty 2:00 PM Marty Indian School away-team-logo 46-30
away-team-logo McLaughlin vs. away-team-logo Tiospa Zina 2:00 PM McLaughlin High School away-team-logo 38-28 Varsity
away-team-logo Jim River vs. away-team-logo Winner 2:30 PM Jim Woehl Athletic Complex/Johnny Woehl Field--Menno, SD away-team-logo 61-12 Homecoming Game
away-team-logo Sunshine Bible Academy vs. away-team-logo Sully Buttes 2:30 PM SBA Football Field away-team-logo 1-0 FORFEIT
away-team-logo Omaha Nation, NE vs. away-team-logo Crow Creek 3:00 PM macy ne away-team-logo 46-0
away-team-logo Sioux Falls Lincoln vs. away-team-logo Rapid City Stevens 5:00 PM Howard Wood Field away-team-logo 35-14 Red Letter Day
away-team-logo O'Gorman vs. away-team-logo Brandon Valley 5:00 PM McEneaney Field away-team-logo 13-10 Homecoming
away-team-logo Todd County vs. away-team-logo Winnebago, NE 6:00 PM 118 E Denver Dr away-team-logo 48-12
away-team-logo Belle Fourche vs. away-team-logo Custer 6:00 PM Belle Fourche High School away-team-logo 40-12 Homecoming and Hall of Fame
away-team-logo Douglas vs. away-team-logo Pierre T.F. Riggs 6:00 PM Douglas High School away-team-logo 43-0
away-team-logo Dupree vs. away-team-logo Harding County 6:00 PM Dupree High School away-team-logo 57-0
away-team-logo Gordon-Rushville, NE vs. away-team-logo Bennett County 6:00 PM Gordon, Ne away-team-logo 55-6
away-team-logo Harrisburg vs. away-team-logo Sioux Falls Washington 6:00 PM Harrisburg High School away-team-logo 29-23 Homecoming
away-team-logo McLaughlin vs. away-team-logo Crazy Horse 6:00 PM McLaughlin High School Postponed
away-team-logo New Underwood vs. away-team-logo Jones County 6:00 PM New Underwood School District away-team-logo 44-0 6 MT - Homecoming
away-team-logo Sturgis Brown vs. away-team-logo Spearfish 6:00 PM Sturgis Brown High School away-team-logo 21-19
away-team-logo Timber Lake vs. away-team-logo Newell 6:00 PM Timber Lake Doug Kraft Field away-team-logo 58-6 6pm MT--TL Homecoming
away-team-logo Hill City vs. away-team-logo Lead-Deadwood 6:30 PM Ranger Field away-team-logo 48-8
away-team-logo Wall vs. away-team-logo Lyman 6:30 PM Wall High School away-team-logo 42-6
away-team-logo Sioux Valley vs. away-team-logo McCook Central/Montrose 7:00 PM away-team-logo 42-32
away-team-logo Alcester-Hudson vs. away-team-logo Centerville 7:00 PM Alcester-Hudson School District away-team-logo 70-54 Homecoming
away-team-logo Tripp-Delmont/Armour/Andes Central/Dakota Christian vs. away-team-logo Lakota Tech 7:00 PM Armour High School away-team-logo 51-0 Homecoming
away-team-logo Beresford vs. away-team-logo Elk Point-Jefferson 7:00 PM Beresford High School away-team-logo 34-7 Homecoming
away-team-logo Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan vs. away-team-logo Flandreau 7:00 PM Bridgewater away-team-logo 38-13
away-team-logo Canistota/Freeman vs. away-team-logo Garretson 7:00 PM Canistota Football Field away-team-logo 56-50
away-team-logo Canton vs. away-team-logo Vermillion 7:00 PM Canton High School away-team-logo 42-7 Homecoming
away-team-logo Deuel vs. away-team-logo Dakota Hills 7:00 PM Cardinal Field away-team-logo 38-8 Homecoming and Kiwanis Pork Loin Feed
away-team-logo Chamberlain vs. away-team-logo Tri-Valley 7:00 PM Chamberlain High School away-team-logo 19-0 Parent's Night
away-team-logo Yankton vs. away-team-logo Sioux Falls Jefferson 7:00 PM Crane-Youngworth Field away-team-logo 38-35
away-team-logo Dakota Valley vs. away-team-logo Sisseton 7:00 PM Dakota Valley High School away-team-logo 45-12 Homecoming Game
away-team-logo Dell Rapids vs. away-team-logo Lennox 7:00 PM Dell Rapids High School away-team-logo 28-14
away-team-logo Elkton-Lake Benton vs. away-team-logo Deubrook Area 7:00 PM Elkton Athletic Complex away-team-logo 56-6 Homecoming
away-team-logo North Central vs. away-team-logo Northwestern 7:00 PM Eureka Sports Complex away-team-logo 28-20
away-team-logo Faith vs. away-team-logo Lemmon/McIntosh 7:00 PM Faith School District 46-2 away-team-logo 56-0
away-team-logo Colome vs. away-team-logo Corsica-Stickney 7:00 PM Fetzner Field - Colome, SD away-team-logo 46-6 Homecoming
away-team-logo Florence/Henry vs. away-team-logo Great Plains Lutheran 7:00 PM Florence School District 14-1 away-team-logo 47-0
away-team-logo Faulkton Area vs. away-team-logo Hitchcock-Tulare 7:00 PM Garry Cunningham Sports Complex away-team-logo 28-24 Home Coming
away-team-logo Groton Area vs. away-team-logo Mobridge-Pollock 7:00 PM Groton Area High School away-team-logo 23-14
away-team-logo Hamlin vs. away-team-logo Leola/Frederick Area 7:00 PM Hamlin Football and Track Complex away-team-logo 32-0 Homecoming
away-team-logo Hanson vs. away-team-logo Viborg-Hurley 7:00 PM Hanson High School Football Field away-team-logo 34-0
away-team-logo Britton-Hecla vs. away-team-logo Wolsey-Wessington 7:00 PM Hugh Schilling Field away-team-logo 50-0
away-team-logo Ipswich vs. away-team-logo Warner 7:00 PM Ipswich Athletic Complex away-team-logo 34-6 Homecoming
away-team-logo Howard vs. away-team-logo Irene-Wakonda 7:00 PM Irene-Wakonda High School away-team-logo 48-12 Homecoming
away-team-logo Mitchell vs. away-team-logo Tea Area 7:00 PM Joe Quintal Field away-team-logo 47-14
away-team-logo Kimball/White Lake vs. away-team-logo Bon Homme 7:00 PM Kimball High School away-team-logo 24-18 HOMECOMING
away-team-logo Arlington/Lake Preston vs. away-team-logo De Smet 7:00 PM Lake Preston School District away-team-logo 62-0 Lake Preston Homecoming
away-team-logo Stanley County vs. away-team-logo Potter County 7:00 PM Ole Williamson Field away-team-logo 40-12
away-team-logo Platte-Geddes vs. away-team-logo Colman-Egan 7:00 PM Platte-Geddes Athletic Complex away-team-logo 52-0
away-team-logo Oldham-Ramona/Rutland vs. away-team-logo Estelline/Hendricks 7:00 PM Rutland School away-team-logo 48-0 JH at 4:30 PM
away-team-logo Herreid/Selby Area vs. away-team-logo Kadoka Area 7:00 PM Selby Area High School away-team-logo 60-6 Homecoming - Selby Area
away-team-logo Brookings vs. away-team-logo Aberdeen Central 7:00 PM South Dakota State University away-team-logo 30-7 Parent’s Night/Teacher Appreciation Night
away-team-logo Huron vs. away-team-logo Watertown 7:00 PM Tiger Stadium away-team-logo 24-22 Homecoming (Tiger Roar Tailgate @ 5:00pm)
away-team-logo Burke vs. away-team-logo Avon 7:00 PM Toldstedt Field away-team-logo 58-36 Homecoming
away-team-logo Madison vs. away-team-logo Milbank 7:00 PM Trojan Field (Dakota State University) away-team-logo 9-0
away-team-logo Wagner vs. away-team-logo Woonsocket/Wessington Springs/Sanborn Central 7:00 PM Wagner High School away-team-logo 26-14
away-team-logo Waverly-South Shore vs. away-team-logo Langford Area 7:00 PM Waverly-South Shore High School away-team-logo 61-31
away-team-logo Webster Area vs. away-team-logo Redfield 7:00 PM Webster Area Sports Complex away-team-logo 26-9 Bearcats Homecoming
away-team-logo West Central vs. away-team-logo Sioux Falls Christian 7:00 PM West Central High School - Uttecht Stadium away-team-logo 19-0
away-team-logo White River vs. away-team-logo Philip 7:00 PM White River High School away-team-logo 36-18