Basketball 2021-22
Event Time Location Result
away-team-logo McLaughlin vs. away-team-logo Crow Creek 3:30 PM MT McLaughlin High School away-team-logo 63-36 Varsity-JV
away-team-logo Timber Lake vs. away-team-logo Dupree 3:30 PM MT Timber Lake School New Gym away-team-logo 52-47 Double Header
away-team-logo Chester Area vs. away-team-logo Parker 4:00 PM CT Chester Area High School away-team-logo 63-52
away-team-logo North Central vs. away-team-logo Aberdeen Christian 4:00 PM CT Edmunds Central High School away-team-logo 65-32 Doubleheader
away-team-logo Hitchcock-Tulare vs. away-team-logo James Valley Christian 4:00 PM CT Hitchcock away-team-logo 50-36 4:00 JVG / 5:15 JVB / 6:30 Varsity Girls / 7:45 Varsity Boys
away-team-logo Lyman vs. away-team-logo Rapid City Christian 4:00 PM CT Lyman High School away-team-logo 53-41 Girls JV @ 4, followed by JV Boys, Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys
away-team-logo Oldham-Ramona/Rutland vs. away-team-logo Mitchell Christian 4:00 PM CT Mitchell Christian School away-team-logo 52-35 Double Header
away-team-logo Sully Buttes vs. away-team-logo Jones County 4:00 PM CT Sully Buttes High School away-team-logo 50-34 Doubleheader
away-team-logo Tiospa Zina vs. away-team-logo Clark/Willow Lake 4:00 PM CT Tiospa Zina Tribal School away-team-logo 51-40 Double Header
away-team-logo Webster Area vs. away-team-logo Wilmot 4:00 PM CT Webster Armory away-team-logo 64-41 Double Header: Schedule Rolls GJV, BJV, Girls Varsity, Boys Varsity
away-team-logo Bison vs. away-team-logo Oelrichs 4:00 PM MT stagebarn middle school away-team-logo 62-19 Varsity Double Header Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys
away-team-logo Freeman Academy/Marion vs. away-team-logo Marty 5:00 PM CT Freeman Academy away-team-logo 55-51 DH girls JV at 5:00
away-team-logo Belle Fourche vs. away-team-logo Red Cloud 5:30 PM MT Belle Fourche High School away-team-logo 69-59 2:30 C / 4:00 JV / 5:30 Var
away-team-logo Cheyenne-Eagle Butte vs. away-team-logo Mobridge-Pollock 5:30 PM MT Cheyenne - Eagle Butte School away-team-logo 63-38
away-team-logo Faith vs. away-team-logo Herreid/Selby Area 5:30 PM MT Faith Community Center away-team-logo 42-38 JV starting at 5:30 mountain, Varsity to follow. Parents Night
away-team-logo Harding County vs. away-team-logo Lemmon 5:30 PM MT Harding County School Gymnasium away-team-logo 41-39 JV/V, JV starts at 5:30
away-team-logo Avon vs. away-team-logo Menno 5:45 PM CT Avon Main Gymnasium away-team-logo 48-24
away-team-logo Canistota vs. away-team-logo Viborg-Hurley 6:00 PM CT Canistota School District 43-1 away-team-logo 62-25
away-team-logo Colman-Egan vs. away-team-logo Bridgewater-Emery 6:00 PM CT Colman-Egan Area School away-team-logo 49-45
away-team-logo Hamlin vs. away-team-logo Arlington 6:00 PM CT Hamlin School away-team-logo 61-34
away-team-logo Western Christian, IA vs. away-team-logo Tea Area 6:00 PM CT Western Christian High School away-team-logo 53-48 DH
away-team-logo Custer vs. away-team-logo Douglas 6:00 PM MT Custer Armory away-team-logo 54-44 C - 3:00 / JV - 4:30 / V - 6:00
away-team-logo Lakota Tech vs. away-team-logo St. Francis Indian 6:00 PM MT Lakota Tech High School away-team-logo 102-18 C-Team - 3:00, JV - 4:30, V - 6:00
away-team-logo Wakpala vs. away-team-logo Solen, ND 6:00 PM MT Wakpala away-team-logo 84-35 Parents Night
away-team-logo Alcester-Hudson vs. away-team-logo Centerville 6:15 PM CT Alcester-Hudson School District away-team-logo 50-38 5 pm JV Girls Double Header - SENIOR NIGHT FOR AHHS
away-team-logo Elkton-Lake Benton vs. away-team-logo Deuel 6:15 PM CT Elkton High School away-team-logo 50-48 Doubleheader
away-team-logo Freeman vs. away-team-logo Scotland 6:15 PM CT Freeman High School away-team-logo 49-36
away-team-logo Gayville-Volin vs. away-team-logo Tripp-Delmont/Armour 6:15 PM CT Gayville-Volin High School away-team-logo 56-50 DH, both JV's @ 5:00
away-team-logo Great Plains Lutheran vs. away-team-logo Lake Preston 6:15 PM CT Great Plains Lutheran HS away-team-logo 57-39
away-team-logo Hanson vs. away-team-logo Wagner 6:15 PM CT Hanson High School away-team-logo 44-40 DH
away-team-logo Howard vs. away-team-logo Irene-Wakonda 6:15 PM CT Howard High School away-team-logo 61-55 Doubleheader
away-team-logo McCook Central/Montrose vs. away-team-logo Parkston 6:15 PM CT McCook Central School District away-team-logo 48-45
away-team-logo Britton-Hecla vs. away-team-logo Sisseton 6:30 PM CT Britton-Hecla Arena away-team-logo 61-39 Doubleheader - JV Girls - 5, JV Boys - 5, V Girls - 6:30, V Boys - 8:00
away-team-logo Corsica-Stickney vs. away-team-logo Burke 6:30 PM CT Corsica-Stickney High School away-team-logo 53-36
away-team-logo Elk Point-Jefferson vs. away-team-logo Lennox 6:30 PM CT Elk Point-Jefferson High School away-team-logo 38-28 DH
away-team-logo Ethan vs. away-team-logo Sanborn Central/Woonsocket 6:30 PM CT Ethan High School away-team-logo 40-33 Doubleheader
away-team-logo Faulkton Area vs. away-team-logo Warner 6:30 PM CT Faulkton School District 24-2 away-team-logo 51-43
away-team-logo Gregory vs. away-team-logo Mount Vernon/Plankinton 6:30 PM CT Gregory Memorial Auditorium away-team-logo 64-46 Double Header
away-team-logo Highmore-Harrold vs. away-team-logo Sunshine Bible Academy 6:30 PM CT Hyde County Memorial Auditorium away-team-logo 65-24 Quad Header - JV @ 4:00 pm
away-team-logo Platte-Geddes vs. away-team-logo Chamberlain 6:30 PM CT Platte-Geddes Elementary and Multi-Purpose Room away-team-logo 41-40 DH
away-team-logo Sioux Falls Christian vs. away-team-logo Canton 6:30 PM CT Sioux Falls Christian School away-team-logo 51-21 DH
away-team-logo Sioux Valley vs. away-team-logo Flandreau Indian 6:30 PM CT Sioux Valley Public School away-team-logo 102-17 DH
away-team-logo Tri-Valley vs. away-team-logo West Central 6:30 PM CT Tri-Valley High School away-team-logo 79-47 Double Header
away-team-logo Vermillion vs. away-team-logo Beresford 6:30 PM CT Vermillion High School away-team-logo 54-25 DH
away-team-logo Spearfish vs. away-team-logo Lead-Deadwood 6:30 PM MT Spearfish High School away-team-logo 58-20 Senior Night
away-team-logo Sioux Falls Roosevelt vs. away-team-logo Huron 7:00 PM CT Roosevelt High School away-team-logo 50-44 JV/9-A 4:00pm; Soph 5:30pm.
away-team-logo Sioux Falls Jefferson vs. away-team-logo Mitchell 7:00 PM CT Sioux Falls Jefferson High School away-team-logo 46-40
away-team-logo Sioux Falls Lincoln vs. away-team-logo Watertown 7:00 PM CT Sioux Falls Lincoln High School away-team-logo 53-44
away-team-logo Pierre T.F. Riggs vs. away-team-logo Harrisburg 7:00 PM CT T.F. Riggs High School away-team-logo 63-54
away-team-logo Sioux Falls Washington vs. away-team-logo Brookings 7:00 PM CT Washington High School away-team-logo 61-40
away-team-logo Madison vs. away-team-logo Deubrook Area 7:30 PM CT Madison High School Gym away-team-logo 57-37 C-B-A: 'C' game starts at 5:00 pm - rolling schedule.
away-team-logo Winner vs. away-team-logo Miller 7:30 PM CT Winner High School away-team-logo 52-24
away-team-logo Wolsey-Wessington vs. away-team-logo Kimball/White Lake 7:30 PM CT Wolsey-Wessington School District away-team-logo 54-41 JH 4:45 followed by JV & Varsity (Parent's Night)
away-team-logo Hot Springs vs. away-team-logo Bennett County 7:30 PM MT Case Auditorium away-team-logo 44-41 C-4:30, JV-6:00 @ BISON CENTER
away-team-logo Redfield vs. away-team-logo Potter County 7:45 PM CT Redfield Jr-Sr High School away-team-logo 46-42
away-team-logo Ipswich vs. away-team-logo Leola/Frederick Area 8:00 PM CT Ipswich Public School District away-team-logo 48-41 JV Game begins at 6:30