Basketball 2021-22
Event Time Location Result
away-team-logo Sioux Falls Christian vs. away-team-logo Belle Fourche 1:00 PM CT McCook Central School District away-team-logo 39-26 DWU Culver's Classic
away-team-logo Crazy Horse vs. away-team-logo Alliance, NE 1:00 PM MT Crazy Horse School away-team-logo 78-13
away-team-logo Waubay/Summit vs. away-team-logo Lyman 10:00 AM CT McCook Central School District away-team-logo 56-37 DWU Culver's Classic
away-team-logo Dell Rapids St. Mary vs. away-team-logo McCook Central/Montrose 11:30 AM CT McCook Central School District away-team-logo 55-48 DWU Culver's Classic
away-team-logo Viborg-Hurley vs. away-team-logo St. Thomas More 2:30 PM CT McCook Central School District away-team-logo 47-34 DWU Culver's Classic
away-team-logo Timber Lake vs. away-team-logo Newell 2:30 PM MT Timber Lake School New Gym away-team-logo 53-43 Double Header-2 Quarters GB-C game at 2:30 JV to follow.
away-team-logo Faith vs. away-team-logo Hettinger/Scranton, ND 3:00 PM MT Faith Community Center away-team-logo 62-37 Double Header- JV boys, V girls, V boys to follow
away-team-logo St. Francis Indian vs. away-team-logo Marty 3:00 PM MT St. Francis, SD away-team-logo 74-62 Girls BB at St. Francis
away-team-logo Faulkton Area vs. away-team-logo Langford Area 4:00 PM CT Faulkton School District 24-2 away-team-logo 52-41 Double Header
away-team-logo Howard vs. away-team-logo Jones County 4:00 PM CT McCook Central School District away-team-logo 56-54 DWU Culver's Classic
away-team-logo Northwestern vs. away-team-logo North Central 4:00 PM CT Northwestern High School away-team-logo 61-54 Doubleheader
away-team-logo Crow Creek vs. away-team-logo Miller 4:00 PM CT Stephan away-team-logo 56-51
away-team-logo Winner vs. away-team-logo McLaughlin 4:00 PM CT Winner High School away-team-logo 74-18
away-team-logo Chester Area vs. away-team-logo Canistota 5:00 PM CT Chester Area High School away-team-logo 77-58 jv starts at 4pm
away-team-logo Santee, NE vs. away-team-logo Flandreau Indian 5:00 PM CT Santee, NE away-team-logo 72-30
away-team-logo Bennett County vs. away-team-logo New Underwood 5:00 PM MT Warrior Center away-team-logo 45-44 2 PM - Girls JV Start - 3:30 PM Boys JV Start - 5:00 PM - Girls Varsity Start
away-team-logo Bridgewater-Emery vs. away-team-logo White River 5:30 PM CT McCook Central School District away-team-logo 58-56 DWU Culver's Classic
away-team-logo Oelrichs vs. away-team-logo Edgemont 5:30 PM MT Oelrichs Public School away-team-logo 74-34
away-team-logo Castlewood vs. away-team-logo Flandreau 6:00 PM CT Castlewood Schools away-team-logo 50-32 JV game at 6:00 pm. Rescheduled from Jan 4.
away-team-logo Colman-Egan vs. away-team-logo Deubrook Area 6:00 PM CT Colman-Egan Area School away-team-logo 42-39 Doubleheader
away-team-logo Gregory vs. away-team-logo Scotland 6:00 PM CT Gregory Memorial Auditorium away-team-logo 53-34 Double Header-Varsity Only
away-team-logo Harrisburg vs. away-team-logo Rapid City Central 6:00 PM CT Harrisburg High School away-team-logo 35-29
away-team-logo Tiospa Zina vs. away-team-logo Webster Area 6:00 PM CT Tiospa Zina Tribal School away-team-logo 68-32
away-team-logo Yankton vs. away-team-logo Rapid City Stevens 6:00 PM CT Yankton High School away-team-logo 59-27 Double Header
away-team-logo Lakota Tech vs. away-team-logo Rapid City Christian 6:00 PM MT Lakota Tech High School away-team-logo 76-51 JV 4:30pm Varsity 6:00 pm (Senior Night)
away-team-logo O'Gorman vs. away-team-logo Sioux Falls Washington 6:15 PM CT O'Gorman High School away-team-logo 60-46 JV 3:30, Soph 4:45, 9th 8:00 (Doubleheader)
away-team-logo Beresford vs. away-team-logo Elk Point-Jefferson 6:30 PM CT Beresford High School away-team-logo 37-29 DH
away-team-logo Britton-Hecla vs. away-team-logo Tri-State, ND 6:30 PM CT Britton-Hecla Arena away-team-logo 36-30 Doubleheader - JV Girls - 5, JV Boys - 5, V Girls - 6:30, V Boys - 8:00
away-team-logo Chamberlain vs. away-team-logo Wagner 6:30 PM CT Chamberlain Armory away-team-logo 79-53 Double Header
away-team-logo Dakota Valley vs. away-team-logo Dell Rapids 6:30 PM CT Dakota Valley High School away-team-logo 73-47
away-team-logo Highmore-Harrold vs. away-team-logo Sanborn Central/Woonsocket 6:30 PM CT Hyde County Memorial Auditorium away-team-logo 45-20 Quad Header
away-team-logo Platte-Geddes vs. away-team-logo Bon Homme 6:30 PM CT Platte-Geddes Elementary and Multi-Purpose Room away-team-logo 57-49 DH
away-team-logo Tea Area vs. away-team-logo Lennox 6:30 PM CT Tea Area High School away-team-logo 46-15 DH
away-team-logo Vermillion vs. away-team-logo Irene-Wakonda 6:30 PM CT Vermillion High School away-team-logo 66-43 DH
away-team-logo Kimball/White Lake vs. away-team-logo Hanson 6:30 PM CT White Lake School away-team-logo 57-29
away-team-logo Sturgis Brown vs. away-team-logo Hot Springs 6:30 PM MT Sturgis Brown High School away-team-logo 61-22 JV - 3:30; C - 5:00
away-team-logo Brookings vs. away-team-logo Sioux Falls Jefferson 7:00 PM CT Brookings High School away-team-logo 64-59
away-team-logo Huron vs. away-team-logo Aberdeen Central 7:00 PM CT Huron Arena away-team-logo 45-34 JV 4:00 pm; 9th 5:15 pm
away-team-logo Aberdeen Christian vs. away-team-logo Corsica-Stickney 7:00 PM CT McCook Central School District away-team-logo 48-40 DWU Culver's Classic
away-team-logo Pierre T.F. Riggs vs. away-team-logo Bismarck, ND 7:00 PM CT T.F. Riggs High School away-team-logo 48-44
away-team-logo Watertown vs. away-team-logo Sioux Falls Roosevelt 7:00 PM CT Watertown Civic Arena away-team-logo 59-37
away-team-logo Little Wound vs. away-team-logo Pine Ridge 7:00 PM MT Little Wound School away-team-logo 65-64 Girls Varsity Start Time Listed- C Team Games start at 4:00 P.M.
away-team-logo Oldham-Ramona/Rutland vs. away-team-logo De Smet 7:15 PM CT Rutland School away-team-logo 64-27 JH at 5:00 PM. JV at 6:00 PM.
away-team-logo Iroquois/Doland vs. away-team-logo Wolsey-Wessington 7:30 PM CT Iroquois School District 2-3 away-team-logo 73-51 JH 5:00 / JV 6:15 / Varsity 7:30
away-team-logo Mount Vernon/Plankinton vs. away-team-logo Ethan 8:30 PM CT McCook Central School District away-team-logo 59-47 DWU Culver's Classic